Delta Tau Delta Fraternity
Delta Tau Delta Fraternity was founded in 1858 at Bethany College in Bethany, Virginia. The social life on campus was centered on the Neotrophian Society, a literary society. In 1858, a group of students met to discuss means to regain control of the Neotrophian Society and return control to the students at large. A constitution, name, badge, ritual and motto were devised, and Delta Tau Delta was born. In 1886, Delta Tau Delta merged with the Rainbow Fraternity, an old and respected southern fraternity founded in 1848 at the University of Mississippi.

Delta Tau Delta now has one-hundred eighteen undergraduate chapters and colonies, over six thousand active undergraduates, over one-hundred fifteen thousand living alumni, and has initiated over one-hundred fifty thousand members since its founding. Its national community service initiative is Adopt-a-School. The fraternity will celebrate its 150th anniversary this year in Pittsburgh, PA at the 2008 Karnea.

The Delta Alpha Chapter at the University was founded on February 22, 1922. On campus over the years, the Delts have strived to be number one in Greek life, as evidenced by our focus on academics, campus involvement, intramurals, philanthropy, and leadership among many other factors. Delta Alpha has produced thousands of successful Delts, including John W. Nichols, founder of Devon Energy Incorporated and Delta Tau Delta International Fraternity President. We are, to the core, committed to lives of excellence, and continue to thrive by being committed to our values as Delts well into the 21st century.

More Delt, Less Self!

Mission and Values

The mission of Delta Tau Delta is to develop men that are "Committed to Lives of Excellence".

The values of the fraternity are "Truth, courage, faith and power are our foundation, integrity is essential, accountability is fundamental to all commitments, life-long learning and growth are vital, strengthening community is essential to our vitality, and brotherhood sustains us".

Delt Creed

I believe in Delta Tau Delta for the education of youth and the inspiration of maturity, so that I may better learn and live the truth.

I believe in Delta Tau Delta as a shrine of International brotherhood: her cornerstone friendship, her foundation conscience, her columns aspiration, her girders self-restraint, her doorway opportunity, her windows understanding, her buttresses loyalty, her strength the Everlasting Arms.

I believe in Delta Tau Delta as an abiding influence to help me do my work, fulfill my obligations, maintain my self-respect, and bring about that happy life, wherein I may more truly love my fellow men, serve my country, and obey my God.

Famous Delts

Current Government Officials
•    Governors
o    Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry
o    Kentucky Governor-Elect Steve Beshear
o    New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson

•    U.S. Senators
o    South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson
o    Delaware Senator Thomas R. Carper

•    U.S. Representatives
o    Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan
o    Ohio Representative Tim Ryan
o    Kentucky Representative Ed Whitfield

•    U.S. Federal Agency Leaders
o    U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Chris Co

•    Former Government Officials
o    U.S. Vice President Henry Agard Wallace
o    U.S. Vice President and Senator (KY) Alben Barkley
o    U.S. Supreme Court Justice William Brennan
o    U.S. Supreme Court Justice and U.S. Attorney General Thomas C. Clark
o    U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark
o    U.S. Secretary of the Treasury John W. Snow
o    Canadian Speaker of the House of Commons James Jerome
o    U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives Champ Clark
o    Florida Governor Reubin Askew
o    Kansas Governor and Senator Henry Justin Allen
o    Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher
o    Colorado Senator Hank Brown
o    Connecticut Governor and Senator Raymond Baldwin
o    Michigan Governor James J. Blanchard
o    Indiana Senator William E. Jenner
o    U.S. Ambassador to China Nelson T. Johnson
o    West Virginia Senator Henry Kilgore
o    White House Press Secretary Marlin Fitzwater
o    Ohio Representative Donald Pease
o    Illinois Representative James Robert Mann
o    U.S. District Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Judge George MacKinnon
o    Nebraska Governor Adam McMullen
o    Nebraska Governor Arthur J. Weaver

•    Business and Philanthropy

      Devon Energy Founder John W. Nichols
o    Vice President of ESPN Vince Doria
o    CEO of General Motors Richard Wagoner
o    Walgreen Co. Senior Vice-President John W. Gleeson
o    Albertson's Chairman Gary Michael

•    Astronauts
o    M. Scott Carpenter
o    Ken Mattingly

•    Academics
o    Peter Likins, former President, The University of Arizona
o    Ralph Cicerone, President, National Academy of Sciences
o    Hank Brown, former Senator and current President of the University of Colorado
o    William English "Brit" Kirwan, Chancellor of the University of Maryland System
o    Martin C. Jischke, President of Purdue University
o    Tom Huddleston, Vice President of the University of Central Florida
o    Denny Roberts, Associate Vice President of Miami University
o    Duane Cummins, Dean, Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University
o    Louis Michael Tobin, Athletic Director, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
o    Kent Hance, Chancellor, Texas Tech University

•    Print and Journalism
o    Sports Writer Tony Barnhart
o    Academy Award winner Stephen Gaghan
o    Forrest Gump author Winston Groom
o    Harper's editor and author Willie Morris
o    NBC-TV Reporter Bob Dotson
o    The New Republic founder Willard Straight
o    Novelist John D. MacDonald
o    Author James Houston Turner
o    MSNBC Host Dan Abrams of The Abrams Report
o    Mythology writer Joseph Campbell
o    Max Ehrmann
o    Chuck Clark, journalist
o    Author Richard North Patterson
o    GDI Weekly Pamphlet Author Will Tyson

•    Actors, Directors, and Comedians
o    Actor Will Ferrell 
o    Actor Drew Carey
o    Actor Colin Bain
o    Comedian Chip Chinery
o    Actor Dan Exner
o    Film director Fielder Cook
o    Actor Bill Fagerbakke
o    Actor Frederic Forrest
o    Director-screenwriter Stephen Gaghan
o    Actor Joel Higgins
o    Comedian Eddie Ifft
o    Actor Roy Jenson
o    Actor Aron Kincaid
o    Actor Thad Luckinbill
o    Actor James Marsden
o    Actor Matthew McConaughey
o    Actor Austin Miller
o    Documentary host Roger Mudd
o    Actor Jim Nabors
o    Host Pat O'Brien
o    Actor Robert Peters
o    Actor David Schwimmer
o    Actor Johnny Sheffield
o    Screenwriter Dalton Trumbo

•    Sportscasters
o    Bill Flemming
o    Bill Macatee
o    Jay Randolph
o    Craig Sager

•    Football
o    Joe Avvezano
o    Carmen Cozza
o    Boyd Dowler
o    John Elway
o    Jason Fisk
o    Les Horvath
o    Chad Hutchinson
o    Dante Lavelli
o    Alphonse "Tuffy" Leemans
o    John Lynch
o    Howard Mudd
o    Jim Parady
o    Jim Plunkett
o    Jon Ritchie
o    Mark Rypien
o    Jeff Siemon
o    Gene Washington, now National Football League Director of Football Operations
o    Michael "Elk" Miller

•    Baseball
o    Mike Aldrete
o    Steve Buechele
o    Shawn Green
o    Rick Helling
o    A.J. Hinch
o    Mark Marquess, Head Coach at Stanford University
o    Dave McCarty
o    Mike Mussina
o    Branch Rickey
o    Eppa Rixey
o    George Sisler
o    Ed Sprague
o    Paul Kuhr
o    Jonny Jedlicka, Head Coach at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

•    Basketball
o    Mike Bratz
o    Former Princeton coach Pete Carril
o    Ward Lambert
o    Bob Leonard
o    Charles Murphy
o    Ed Nealy
o    Pat Page
o    Andy Phillip
o    Brian D'Orazio
o    Michael Cherney
o    Rick Robey
o    Mike Phillips

J.C. Penney CEO Myron Ullman 
o    Citigroup Chief Financial Officer, Citibank Sweden Seth H. Runkle