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If you are an incoming Freshman to OU or haven't yet pledged a Fraternity, look no farther than the Delt's. OU Delt's have consistently excelled in academics, philanthropy service, intramural sports, campus activities, and social functions since our founding in 1922. If you are interested in learning more about Delta Tau Delta and all that we have to offer, please feel free to click on the "Recruitment" link on the left and leave us your information.

Latest News

Updating Our Website

Posted by Jackson Blankenship on Thursday February 4th, 2016

Because our website is now a few years outdated, we have decided to rebuild the whole thing with updated information. We expect it to be updated and back up within the month. Thanks!



Officer List

Jacson Blumenthal

Benjamin Cooper
Shelter and Grounds

Adam DeLaney
Community Service Chair

Sam Donley
Road Chairman

Jack Graham

Robert Havenstrite
Public Relations Chairman

Kevin Helm
2nd Vice President, President

Patrick Herzberger

Christian Hill
Director of Academic Affairs

Jordan Hoehne
Philanthropy Chair